Cylinder Drying Range for Terry Towel
Cylinder Drying Range Machine
Indirect drying using Stainless Steel Cylinders.
Suitable for one or two sided drying of all types of fabrics.
High Efficiency method for intermediate or final drying.
Technical Details
Cylinder Width 1200 to 3600 mm
No of Cylinders per stack 2 to maximum 12
Cylinder Diameter 400, 570, 762 or 800 mm
Design Pressure 5 Bar
Cooling Cylinders Stainless Steel
Jackated construction for cooling water circulation
Drive Belt Drive, Individual or Alternate Motor Drive
Speed 10 to 150 mtrs/min
Frames (Stacks) In MS or SS 304
Saliant Features
Creaseless drying of fabric
Minimum Maintenance
Efficient steam consumption
Consistently high quality standard
Works with continuous processing ranges- Pre-Treatment, Mercerizing, Washing or Dyeing
Stand Alone with/without Mangle
Optional Accessories
Teflon Coating on Drying Cylinders
Moisture Controller System
Temperature Controller System
Steam Exhaust Hood
Isolation of individual or group of Drying Cylinders
By passing the Cylinder Dryer for wet to wet operation
Restricting the stack entry of fabric to avoid over drying.
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